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A Personal Letter from the Berkovicz Family

Seven months have passed since we lost our dear husband and father, R' Shmuel Tzvi Berkovicz Zt’'l, but the pain is still present every moment. What wouldn't we do to once again be able to connect with him in a meaningful way? There is one way that we can still do this. As he would often say at a shiva call, "even when you cannot physically see your dear departed relative, you can still give them presents." By doing Mitzvos lilui nishmasgifts are in essence being delivered to them in their place in Gan Eden. 

People would often approach us with feelings of gratefulness and tell us that they want to show appreciation for something he has done for them. This was not always easy to accomplish during his lifetime, but now we can all give one of the greatest gifts of all, the Zchus HaTorah.

Eleven years ago, Rabbi Berkovicz zt"l discovered a hidden treasure. Far from the public eye yet geographically close lives a community that touched his heart. In the Sanz Zvill kehilla of Union City, he found a place that, with their dedication to Torah, their simple lifestyle, and unmatched friendliness, created an allure that made him want to return and visit at every opportunity. The kehilla was founded by the late gaon and Tzadik the Klausenberger Rebbe zt"l and led by his sons in law the Zvile Rebbe zt"l and yblch" t Harav Prizant shlit"a. They, in turn, saw in Rabbi Berkovicz a person who mirrored their ideal of a life of dveikus b'Hashem. The warmth with which they greeted him showed how much they appreciated every one of his visits. 

We feel it would be an excellent gift for his neshama to establish an everlasting place in this heiligeh kehillah and yeshiva. Therefore, we are dedicating the shiur room in the yeshiva where the current Ruv and Rosh Yeshivah HaRav Prizant delivers his shiur to his talmidim daily. Please join us in this beautiful gift that we will be sending. We are sure from his place in Gan Eden he will reciprocate for all those who contribute to this beautiful project.

Those who will contribute to the dedication with a generous amount of $1800 & up, will have there name placed on the dedication plaque.

Rebitzen Berkovicz And Family

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