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RCCS is the premiere organization servicing cancer patients and their families. RCCS is constantly RAISING THE BAR by providing access to unparalleled care and connecting patients with the most current research on available trials and treatments. When one receives a diagnosis and is experiencing an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, RCCS steps in and RAISES the spirits. Our team walks alongside the patient and family through treatment, recovery, and beyond. 

RCCS is the preeminent resource for medical referrals in the cancer field. Through ongoing research and relationships with top specialists in the field, the RCCS medical advisory team has developed a uniquely qualified understanding of which physician is best suited for each patient and their diagnosis. 

Our goal is to RAISE each individual’s chance of a complete recovery. RCCS RAISES the standard of treatment for each patient by ensuring that they receive expeditious and top-tier treatment. Our team advocates for patients to secure appointments and access to treatments in a matter of days, an effort which can otherwise take months. RCCS provides financial grants, insurance premium payments, and insurance industry guidance to ensure that the best care is covered. RCCS also assists patients and families with maintaining medical records, insurance renewals, pain relief, and much more. 

The RCCS annual budget is over $20 million and is, unfortunately, growing rapidly. Our Lakewood budget alone stands at over $3.2 million. RCCS must RAISE the necessary funds to meet this campaign’s goal in order to be able to continue our activities and RAISE the standards for cholei yisroel.

You can RAISE THE BAR for our patients and their families. You can be a part of ensuring that they receive the care they so desperately need. Please partner generously. You can have the zechus of contributing towards saving the lives of people in your community! 

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