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Yiddy & Leah Mashinsky

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If you haven’t heard of Lev With Love, consider yourself fortunate.

Because for families with special children, Lev with Love isn’t just an organization they utilize, but a mission that has positively transformed their life.

The organization, backed by an army of devoted volunteers, is committed to providing — and being — the break families need when circumstances have forced them to devote their lives to caring for a special child.

These families have lovingly accepted the challenges Hashem put before them.

But these remain challenges, nonetheless.

And Lev with Love’s support is life changing —

For special children.

For special siblings,

For special parents.

The organization, with its humble roots, has grown into a chesed powerhouse serving hundreds of children and families, with year-round programming that ensures that no family is left to fight alone.

The efforts are wide ranging but the objective is simple:

To be there for these families — whatever form that may take.

This mission naturally incurs expenses. Despite being 0% profit and 100% love, there is increasing overhead that can only be met with the help of those who too wish to make a lifesaving difference.

Today, it is your turn to volunteer your financial support so that our girls can volunteer from their time to provide families with much-needed respite and a break from caring for their child, and so that the organization can continue providing support and services to these families.

Now it’s time for you to join us.

Be a lifesaver.

Support our lifesavers.

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Original Goal: $1,000,000

Bonus Goal: $1,200,000






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Lev with Love is an organization I am zoche to run.

Bsiyatta Dshmaya, it has grown tremendously since it started 5 years ago.

It began with no plan. It was just about helping others.

We saw a need, and we tried our best to fill it.

Unfortunately, that need has grown.

But as anyone who knows us can attest, the Lev with love family grows right along with the


We started small, and slowly but surely, word got around- spreading to more families, more

volunteers, more respite, more of our quiet, lifesaving work.

and here we are 5 years later-

Lev with Love has a network of over 1200 volunteers, helping over 500 families in the tristate

area. Our overhead budget is over 1 million a year.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings we have over 5 phone call centers with over 60 girls,

who sit for hours making phone calls, ensuring that every child's schedule is customized to fit

their (and their parents’!) needs.

In addition to the hundreds of hours of volunteer respite per week, we have different programs

running throughout the year.

We have a weekly LBA league for special boys, giving them a time to let out their energy and

experience sports like every other boy their age. 

Our Heartbeats Motzei Shabbos Program gives our teenaged girls with special needs a camp-

like experience week after week. The girls have THEIR time to shine, and the excitement carries

them through the week.

At Linked, girls with physical disabilities meet weekly to enjoy fun activities. This

program is run in a wheelchair accessible home. Rides are provided according to every

girls physical needs.

There's the Wednesday night girls sports, where girls who struggle socially are no

longer lonely. They enjoy a mainstream sports group, where every girl feels like they


All our programs and respite hours are run solely on volunteer work. Every counselor, driver,

and coordinator takes their time to give to our Lev with Love Family. It’s pure love- No strings



Chol Hamoed Events.

Mothers Night Out.

Volunteer Events.


Anything a family with a special child may need, Lev with love fills that need.

So who are we?

In a word,



By donating, you are allowing us to continue.

Tizku Lmitzvos.



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ידידך פינחס ראזענבערג


25 days ago

Comments: לכבוד דער צדיק וואס האט געמאכט די מעמד הכרת הטוב פאר הינדערטער צדיקים

Family Rubinstein Monroe


25 days ago

Comments: לכבוד אינזער ראול מאדעל און חסד, הרב ר מאיר שליט"א

lazer portugal


25 days ago

Comments: For Rabbi Meir

Yitzchok Blum


25 days ago

Gitty Abramczyk


25 days ago

Mordechai Klein


26 days ago

Comments: In honor of Blimie Goldberger and Leah Mashinsky - from Brocha Goldstein's sister

Hudi Gorelick


26 days ago

shlomie and bashy siegman


26 days ago

Chaim and Shira Rottenberg


26 days ago

Comments: With tons of appreciation for all you do!

Leahle Berger


26 days ago

Comments: Go Leah!!!!!!!!!! Keep up your legendary, lifesaving work!!!!!!!!



26 days ago

Yossi Feldman


26 days ago

Idy Framovitz


26 days ago



26 days ago

Comments: In honor of Meir Fischel!! My Rebbe in chesed.

Yidel & Alty Kleinman


26 days ago

Comments: לכבוד הצדיק ר׳ מאיר



26 days ago

Mendy Dancona


26 days ago

Comments: In honor of all the work and effort you put into this amazing organization!!



26 days ago

Dr. & Mrs. U


26 days ago



26 days ago

Comments: ער זאגט אז 18 איז נישט גענוג

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Original Goal: $1,000,000

Bonus Goal: $1,200,000






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