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Corona Connected Video Feed

Voir Design


Ruchy, Chaya Sury & Blimi

Sing with us!

Chana G.

Spread Love, Not Fear!

Professor Mark Glaser

The truth about this Pandemic.

Chaya Myski

Asked Erica Curtis -an art therapist to create a video to help us gain peace, joy & connection during this time. (She was scheduled to come to NY and give a workshop -but it was cancelled due to COVID-19) ...anyway she created a video!!❤️❤️ Please share,

Oneg Shabbos V'Yom Tov

An explosion of kindness happening right now!

Bylu Wertheimer

Bylu Wertheimer The Slingshot Guys For every negative piece of news you hear, Make sure to hear at least one positive! Stay healthy and besuros tovos.

Avihai Moshe

זה הזמן להתאחד עם המשפחה, אז הושיבו אותם סביב השולחן ותכינו להם את האוכל הכי טוב שלכם! טוב בבטן ומקרב לבבות


הזדמנות בשבילכם להשקיע בתחביבים שלכם!!!


stay home stay safe!

Voir Design

Thank you to all those who help during this time!!! Its appreciated!!!

David Hershkowitz (3-DH)

POSITIVITY is what's gonna help us if not hold us through this, so let's all try to share something positive

Daniella Parchi

Chagit kaikov

Believe in god and pray to him Stay home stay safe!!!

Moshe Kraus

what are we doing? we are FIGHTING the virus, by being together

Eden Moshe

Chaim Neuhaus

I just love you all keep strong and even someone of your closest dies you should know 1 thing we are all in this together no 1 is alone

Chaim Gluck

Rivki Ciment

Hi it's Rivki again. I hope for any kid that saw my video enjoyed it and will continue the chain of chesed. Stay safe and feel well!!!

Voir Design

You can help the matzav!!!!

elimelech Gross

Look out for others, you'll feel better yourself.

Yakov Breuer

Thank you for all first responders ❤️

הרב שלום ארוש

מי שיש לו אמונה לא צריך לפחד!

Jacob Guttman - Nail It Handyman


Moshe Reichman

We'll get through this together!

דוד קויפמאן

מ׳דארף זיין פאזיטיוו!

Voir design

Stay safe and do your part! :)

Voir Design

Stay safe!!!! You can do it!!!!

Sruly Walter

What we accomplish with social distancing.

Happy Kids

Dance, like there’s no tomorrow!!

חיזוק אויפ'ן וועלט

Don't give up, look at the positive side, there's enough parking!!!!!

Nussi Einhorn

Stay calm. It’s just a pause! It all will play again bigger and better!


תפילה בבית

Sruly green

Thanks For Creating This, Be Positive - Test Negative


Lipa B

Batya K

Quarantining with love

Vora Green

We will find healing -Vora

Shea Myski


We are all in this together!

Avrumi J.

Give a smile!

Rivka Ziegler

Shoutout to Dina Goldman!!

Mordy G

Great idea

Dina Goldman

Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

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