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From Wuhan, We’re One.

Corona has been tearing us apart. From Wuhan to New York, from the rich to the poor, Corona has caused so much panic, loss and disaster. By force, we’ve been distancing, isolating, and falling apart.

Until now. Now you can stand up against Corona. Now you can join the longest virtual chain of kindness. Now you can be together.

Corona Connected allows us to unite as humans around the world. Corona Connected gives us a chance to lean into love and kindness.

1 Disease, Many Causes

Every few days we will create a new fundraising cause and goal. For right now, the most important lack that needs to be addressed is masks and protective gear. Using the donations that are funded through this platform, Corona Connected will donate masks to NY Hospitals that are running low in supply.

If you represent a cause or organization and you’d like to collaborate on our next goal please email: [email protected].

How does a chain help?

Corona Connected is a twofold solution.

  1. It will hopefully raise the funds to help individuals and communities who have been impacted.
  2. It keeps our spirits alive so that we come out of this nightmare with the support of humanity.

More than killing thousands, the Corona Virus is killing the spirit and morality of millions, the livelihood of families and the foundations of communities. Future, dreams and hopes are on hold. Plans, trips and wish-lists- the things that drive us to wake in the morning- is being squashed. I felt compelled to do need to do something about it!

Dina Goldman, Creative Director at Dart Media

Who thought of this?

When many large projects were put on hold during the COVID-19 outbreak, the team at Dart Media found themselves with extra time on their hands. That prompted a lot of wondering and pondering.

With the help of fast-working developers and designers this unique platform was created and launched, with the first link created by Dina Goldman, COO of Dart Media.

A message from our COO

Corona Connected
delivers 4,000 masks
to Good Sam
Suffern Hospital.

The Dart Media initiative- the human chain of kindness- reached its first goal thanks to the 124 people who joined.

With many large campaigns put on hold, the team at Dart Media used their time and resources to launch a unique campaign to spread kindness and love. Corona Connected invites people to share a message with the world or donate towards the goal of donating masks to the local hospital.

On April 6, COO, Dina Goldman delivered 8 boxes of masks after $10,000 was raised on the platform.

“The out-pour of chesed from our community is making such an incredible Kiddush Hashem among the nurses and doctors at the hospital,” said liaison, Rabbi Yisroel Kahan. The head of the hospital, expressed gratitude and appreciation as well.

Having reached the first goal, the team at Corona Connected is getting ready to launch the next goal. If you have a cause you want featured on the platform, email [email protected]

Current Goal

4,000 masks for
Suffern Hospital

Second Goal

Coming Soon!



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Contribute to help us donate 4,000 masks to New York hospitals.

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