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Campaign Goal: $200,000

Total Raised: $207,401


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Mesivta Bais Yochanan Shraga.

Where Monsey’s future begins.

For over half a century, one proud institution has been a beacon of Torah and chinuch for the general Monsey community. “Mesivta Bais Dovid” continues to be more than the name of a cheder; it is a sense of pride for the entire community and one of the paragons of Monsey’s unique communal fabric.

After finishing their cheder years, the students graduate to a mesivta which has helped mold over 1,000 respected Rabbanim, Magidei Shiur, avreichim and ba’alei batim. This success is not an accident; a staff of tireless educators dedicate their lives to their dear talmudim and to the future of our wonderful community.

Chazal teach us that the world’s existence is credited exclusively to the learning and davening of the young and pure. In these challenging times, where the world around us is in a perilous state, this remains a most opportune zechus to protect ourselves, our families and the community.

Today, the Mesivta needs your help, but more importantly, Torah learning boys need your help! The mesivta is reliant on your support to continue with its holy mission. Your generous donation will go directly towards instilling Torah, Avodah and Gemilas Chasadim in the hearts and minds of Klal Yisroel’s future generations!

We urge you to please help ease our mesivta’s burden during this critical fundraising drive. The zechus of supporting the Torah and Tefilah of pure young Talmidim will surely be of great merit, and you will certainly be blessed with an abundance of parnasah, health and nachas.

Thank you for your support!

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Cong. Beth david

22 W Maple Ave.

Monsey, NY 10952

Support Phone: (845) 274-5916

Support Email: [email protected]

Tax ID: 13-2754317

This Dryver is part of "Boro Park Alumni" team

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8 days ago

Moshe Ross


11 days ago

Comments: לאור שמחת בבית אדמו״ר מ׳אנטווערפּין שׁליט״א קול רנה וישׁועה באהלי צדיקים

Campaign Goal: $200,000

Total Raised: $207,401


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