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Executive Assistants: ESTEE BERGER, CHAYA DYM


At Ahavas Chesed, no Patient is Left Alone

Would you ever willingly leave someone you love in the hospital all alone? In the high-pressure environment of busy hospital floors, closely looking after a patient can be the difference between diligent care and neglect - and often even worse R”L. 

The bond of a Yiddish family demands that when one of us is bedridden, we all circle the wagons to ensure their safety and well-being. This is especially so for parents of hospitalized young children who are often forced to sacrifice everything to care for their vulnerable youngster. While work and home life might suffer, they find it unfathomable to leave their precious child alone. Day and night are spent in hospital corridors as the ordeal consumes their lives.

But sometimes they can’t anymore. Whether it’s the other children at home who demand attention or life’s circumstances getting in the way, they need a reprieve. This is the void Ahavas Chesed fills with tireless devotion. A growing list of volunteers step in and step up for the overwhelmed families - going the extra mile in their pursuit of chesed.

Ahavas Chesed operates on a shoestring budget with no payroll and no overhead. But arranging for transportation at the busiest hours, as well as the inevitable small expenses that present themselves throughout the year leave the group with no choice but to turn to the you for help. The crucial Extra Mile campaign will go the extra mile and cover the budget of this critical mission.

Please join us in this undertaking today and share in the zechus of bikur cholim and gemilas chesed. 

We’ll cover the shifts. Help us cover the budget.

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5 minutes ago

Chaya Weinberger


11 minutes ago

S. S.


15 minutes ago

Comments: 5% off for Culinary spec

Chaim Paskes


43 minutes ago

Comments: Keep it up Estee!!! Your Chesed was a life saver for me personally

Yoel chaim & aidy weiss


3 hours ago

Comments: Estee we are so proud of all the amazing things you do ! KEEP IT UP !!

Toby Lichter


3 hours ago

Comments: Estee, the world needs more people like you!!



3 hours ago

Ricky Kraus


4 hours ago

Gabrielle Ratzker


5 hours ago

Chaya Silverberg


5 hours ago

Comments: I'm probably the millionth person to say this, but I'll say it anyway...Estee, what you do is indescribable. Thank you for the zechus of getting to know so many amazing people (of course including you, Devorah and Chaya!). I'm so happy I got to meet two of the faces behind the wonder that is Ahavas Chesed (Estee, I'll get to you one day;)...may you continue being on the giving end and never know the other side.

Esti Sternbuch


5 hours ago

Rachel Newhouse


7 hours ago

Isaac Buxbaun


8 hours ago

Blimie Ginsberg


9 hours ago

Bruchie Friedman


10 hours ago

Pessy Rapaport


11 hours ago

Hindy Frank


13 hours ago

Chanie Ashkenasy


14 hours ago

Blimy Stuhl (Brody)


14 hours ago

Yehuda Nadoff


14 hours ago

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